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Domestic filters

Domestic Grease filter Domestic Range Hood Filters

The domestic grease filter has been designed for the Australian Domestic Market. This filter has an average arrestance efficiency of 96% total grease extraction. The filter is manufactured from hi grade aluminum with a fire retardant filter insert. This filter is serviceable by immersing in warm water for approximately 10 minutes then rinsing out under the tap. It can also be refilled when required.

The filters are custom made to any size and are available immediately.



Domestic Return Air Panels

Flat panel filtersOne of the main causes of allergic respiratory disease is airborne allergen. Removal of these allergens from their air supply is an effective way to reduce the occurrence of allergies. We highly recommend that any home air supply system i.e. cooling, heating or both, should have a filter fitted to the system. Without a filter fitted to the system, dust in the house is simply being recycled through the home over and over again. This causes the dust to build up in the return and supply air ducts. The air conditioning coils will become blocked restricting the airflow, which means major maintenence to the unit and unnecessary costs incurred.

The domestic return air panels come in 9mm Flat Panel. The 9mm is generally used in an egg crate type grill,.

We recommend that the filter be cleaned or checked on a monthly basis. The cleaning required would be to immerse in luke warm water and rinse with clean water. When dry, replace back in unit. Try not to use the unit while the cleaning is being carried out.

We manufacture the 9mm panel filter to suit your requirements. If the media in the panel filter becomes worn or deteriorated, this panel can be returned to our factory for refilling while you wait.