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Odour Control and Anti-Microbial Treatment

fogger.jpgWith access to a wide range of technologies and products Canberra Filter Services odour control and antimicrobial treatments, we endeavor to find the underlying cause of the odour or sanitary problem  and provide a suitable cost effective solution to any odour problems you may experience.

Canberra Filter Services use Thermo fogging and ozone treatments to eliminate odours , bacteria and viruses.

Ozone is one of the most powerful sterilants in the world. When the ozone is faced with odours, bacteria and viruses the extra atom of oxygen destroys them completely with oxidization. Ozone can treat small areas including car, kitchens, bathrooms, right up to large areas such as warehouses, plant rooms and air conditioning systems.

Thermo fogging is a process used to treat odours and apply antimicrobial treatments. The process creates a smoke like fog with the particles as small as 0.5 of a micron which allows the treatment to penetrate surfaces such as soft furnishings, timber and plaster and gets into hard to reach places that traditional spraying cannot and is perfect for treating air conditioning systems, ducting, laundry and toilet exhaust systems.

bigmachine.jpegBoth these processes are affective for removing organic odours including cigarette smoke, house hold odours, indoor air pollution, pet odours, mould and many more.

Here are just a few premises that frequently deal with odour and sanitary problems;

  • Serviced apartments,
  • hotels, commercial laundry
  • commercial office blocks,
  • residential homes and  apartments,
  • shopping Centre’s
  • restaurants,
  • aged care and child care facilities,
  • trash chutes and waste bin areas
  • hospitals  and doctors surgeries
  • Amenities blocks (toilets and bathrooms)
  • Schools
  • Public transport

Your Canberra Filter Services technician will come to you, identify the source of your odour or sanitary problem and provide a free quote and tailor an effective long term solution that meets your specific needs.