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Commerical filters

Deep Bed Sock Type Filters:
Bagfilters.jpgAll Deep bed filter bags come in a wide range of sizes and configurations. These have a medium to high efficiency performance depending on the media requirement. Ratings are G4, F4 & F5.

Multi-Pocket ultra fine filtration filters are commonly used in areas that require very clean air such as hospitals, pharmaceutical laboratories, clean rooms or where stringent air quality is required. Rating F5 to F9.
Current test reports to AS1324.2 are available.


Flat Panel Type Filters:
Flat panel filtersThe return air panels come in 9mm Flat Panel. The 9mm is generally used in an egg crate type grill or on slides in the duct system. The most commonly used media is BR6/G2. Higher efficiency media is available in the 9mm panel depending on the application.
We manufacture both the 9mm panel filter to suit your requirements. These filters can be refilled in our factory at short notice.



50mm & 100mm Pleated Panel Type Filters:
Pleated panelThese panels are designed for the use in a wide range of air-conditioning and heating units. The media can be washable or disposable, depending on your needs.
The frames are color bond coated with 10mm gal mesh pleated wire insert.
We manufacture any size filter to suit your requirement needs. With an upper limit of 1200mm x 1000mm make these filters adaptable to any size ductwork. The filters can be Manufactured, refilled and repaired in our factory at short notice.


F4/F5 Cardboard Disposable Filters:Cardboard Disposable Filter

This is a totally disposable filter suitable for air conditioning and industrial applications. The Filter is a compact and economical air filter which features low operating costs along with a high dust holding capacity. A simple retrofit can upgrade any new or existing air filtration system. The high dust holding capacity extends replacement intervals, and used as a pre-filter, considerably lengthens the service life of other secondary filters in the system. We offer many different brands to suite your requirements.

Filter Elements:Filter media
Filter Element Pads can be manufactured from washable or disposable media depending on the application requirements, and do come in a range of sizes and efficiencies to suit all V Pack Deep Bed Filter Banks. The filter element pads are pre-cut in our factory at short notice.

Dust Collector Bags:
Dust collector bags are used in commercial industries such as sawmills, furniture manufacturing, concrete plants, crushers or any area where dust extractors are used. They can be supplied to suit any application requirements. These bags are Australian made for Australian conditions and are available 7-10 working days from placement of order.

Spray Booth Filters AG-28, Spray booth Media, fibreglass
We supply all types of spray Booth filters.
EU5 Downdraft media cut to any size as required or full rolls are available - 2000x20m
AG-28 Exhaust filter media cut to any size as required or full rolls are available - 1500x23m or 1800x23m.



Carbon Filters
These filter Modules are available to suit all HVAC Requirements

Bulk Carbon Media
Can Be supplied to your requirements

Grease Filters:Honeycomb Grease Filter,Flame Baffle Stainless steel Aluminium
The honeycomb grease filter has become the most commonly used Australian standard grease filter because of its efficiency and ease of cleaning.
The honeycomb media splits incoming grease laden air into over 34,000 air streams per square metre. Each air stream then criss-crosses similar air streams at 78 points creating turbulence which when combined with the 3 point turns enforced by the flying "V" shaped core, forces grease particles to contact and adhere to 25 square metres of surface area per square metre. This unique design creates very high collection efficiency with a negligible pressure loss. These are available in a wide range of sizes and non-standard sizes are also available.

Evaporative Cooler pads:
We supply all types and sizes of Evaporative cooler pads
to suite any commercial or residentialair conditioner, including Aspen Woodwool Filter Pads and Celdek Filter Pads.